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Stream 1: IN CHRIST

This Stream gives space for delegates to reflect on their leadership and consider spiritual patterns that could strengthen themselves personally. The second half of the stream looks more practically at some leadership principles and practices that make for effective ministry. Areas include leading yourself well, the spiritual importance of raising up young leaders and developing a winning leadership rhythm.

Hosted By – ONEL!FE Contributers: Rich Atkinson, Andy Harding, Hannah Heather


Session 1Leadership Foundations (Rooted IN Christ)

The state of our own relationship with God shapes our leadership. Leadership Foundations is about giving you the opportunity to have time out with God, away from life's busy schedule to listen to God and reflect with Him on where you are at and where He is calling you to. This will be an interactive time of teaching, space for prayer, refection and worship.  


Session 2Leadership Rhythms (Flourishing IN Christ)

Life can be very full on, ministry with children and young people is also very demanding. We all want the children and young people to flourish and become fully who God has made them to be. This session will involve practical teaching, interactive learning and worked out examples of essential leadership rhythms that will help you, your team and the children and young people you work with flourish spiritually.


Stream 2: WITH OTHERS - Working with those inside the Church

Hosted by - Evangelical Alliance Contributers: Rich Atkinson, Fred Drummond


Session 1 - United Teams

In the recent Transforming Scotland Barna study one of the key drivers to healthy growing ministries was great teamwork.  In our roles with children and young people we are always working with teams of volunteers, parents and helpers. This stream gives biblical insight, practical examples and useful principles for building great united teams within your churches and organisations.


Session 2 - Restoring Teams

People are flawed! Sometimes teams are really difficult. Sometimes the churches we work in are hard places to feel accepted and minister freely. In ministry we will all encounter pain, disappointment and loss. This session will help you think through practically and theologically about how to restore teams and lead for unity in your ministry.


Stream 3: WITH OTHERS - Working with other churches.

Working with others can be difficult, not least when it may involve others from different denominations, theological positions or just different ways of doing things.  This stream provides delegates with an opportunity to reflect on some of these differences and to look at how we may heal some of the hurts that we may have by our church or other churches having a different view than ourselves - one way or another. 

Hosted by: SSCM Contributors: Graeme McMeeking, Richard Tiplady


Session 1 - Healing Community

Jesus says that the world will know who He is by our love for each other. Across Scotland there are many flavours and styles of churches. How do we find ways to work together despite our theological differences for the sake of Christ's Kingdom? This session is about tackling these challenging questions in a safe environment with opportunities for you to dialogue with others around ways of moving forward together in Scotland.


Session 2 – Diversity + Unity = Maturity

This is a practical session providing opportunity to begin to consider how you can lead for unity in teams that are divided on theology, opinion and experience. In a supported environment together we will be challenged as we wrestle and discuss various issues.


Stream 4: FOR ALL – Community and Culture

Partnership can be challenging - this stream give delegates the space to consider why we should look to partner and work with others in the communities we are a part of as well as giving some practical insights into ways of working together and partnering with third sector organisations.  

Hosted by: Youthscape Contributors: Lahna Pottle, Bridget Sunderland, Jemimah Woodbridge  


Session 1 - Connected Community

Connected Community is all about reflecting on our call to partner and work across our communities and cultures that we are placed in. With a contribution from teachers, social workers and other third sector organisations you are invited to take part in an on going discussion on what Christ like partnership can look like. This session will provide you with insights, helpful ideas and opportunity to dialogue with others who are asking the same questions of how we are called to partner as the church together.


Session 2 - Restored Community

What does it practically look like to partner together with those in our communities? This seminar aims to provide building blocks that can be shaped and taken away for you to apply to your own context back home with helpful advice and tips from professionals working within the these areas.

Stream 5: FOR ALL - Missional Living

Hosted by - EDEN Contributors: Ben Baker, Sam Ward


Session 1 – Missional Living

What does the Missional lifestyle you are called to live look like? Right now what messages does your life provide to the young people you work with about what you value, what is important and how God shapes your life? This session is about pulling this concept of missional living into the open, asking the real questions about its possibilities and provide opportunity for reflection on what this means for us as a wider church today as well as individually within our own contexts.


Session 2 - Missional Stories

How have others led Missional lives? How did they do it? What did they find hard? What can we learn from the impact they have created? Hearing stories from those across the country who have let their Missional lifestyles lead to Missional opportunities of churches, organisations and other expressions of Missional living this session is sure to provide a framework that will get you thinking and challenge you as you consider how God impacts your every day.

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