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Saturday am

Lucy Moore

Intergenerational Mission

Details TBA

Pete Gilbert

The heart of a leader

Teaching and ministry times to bring healing to your heart and soul. A morning of spiritual restoration.

SU Scotland + YFC

Gen Z - Youth Culture

Part 1 - Growing Young. Some churches are good at growing young. This session will use the Fuller Institute findings in their Growing Young research to help you think through what core commitments would help your church begin to engage better with young people.

Part 2 - Gen Z is a term used for those who are currently in their teenage years. YFC has under taken a survey across the UK amongst Gen Z. This session will highlight findings and stimulate thinking around what practices may we have to change or adopt in order to relevantly engage with young people.

Brodie McGregor

Theological reflections

  1. Is the current form of Church able to make disciples going forward?
  2. What do we mean by making disciples? Is our youth work actually making disciples?
  3. What current cultural and societal barriers are there to mission and discipleship? Where are the opportunities?

Saturday pm

Erin Docherty

Mental health and ministry

How do we provide excellent pastoral care of our young people? In a time of increased mental health disorders, gender fluidity, stress and anxiety, bullying and additional complex support needs. What is a pastoral response to these situations. How do we help young people, their peers and families journey through the challenges we face?

Input from experienced practitioners and time to discuss and ask questions.

ACTS - For Children’s workers

ACTS - For Children’s workers. From research coming out of Fuller. What is Scotland’s potential response?

Andy Harding, Ali Laing and Bridget Sunderland.

In conversation: PowerPoint and Youthwork Learning Communities

If you are interested in PowerPoint, perhaps you bring young people to it or wish to. Then Andy Harding and some of the PowerPoint team would love to chat with you around your experience and how they can serve local churches better.

There will also be an opportunity to hear about an exciting new initiative called the Youth Work Learning Community. A place for youth leaders and their volunteers to learn together alongside other church groups about all things youth work.

Sunday am

Lorraine Darlow

Key emerging elements in intergenerational ministry

Drawing on principles evident throughout biblical tradition and gleaned from contemporary research, this session will help us explore foundations and frameworks for intentional intergenerational ministry, where celebrating, affirming and valuing our engagement with children and young people in intergenerational community can strengthen our approaches to corporate worship, learning and service for all ages.

Andy Chittick

How do you run a great youth session?

It’s not just about having a good resource. What is the culture and values you need for an effective youth session. Whether a midweek or Sunday group. This practical session is about creating environments that help young people grow and develop in faith.

Tara Devlin and Andy Bevan

Justice: taking youth groups beyond the fundraiser.

Young people have an innate passion for what is right and fair and have the potential to make an extraordinary impact in the world if we can harness and encourage their gifts and talents in that direction. And justice issues offer a unique opportunity to be missional that is currently left untapped by many youth leaders. Come along to join in a panel discussion about these topics to hear thoughts from a variety of perspctives.

Brodie McGregor

Future think

This Session is about thinking forward. What kind of church is Jesus building? What are the implications for our ministries and practises.


Communicate so young people can hear you

This session will look at how we need to communicate in order to be heard.

Session Includes:

-Speaking to be heard.

-A picture paints a 1000 words and video is 1000000!

-Social Media- Why?

Care for the Family

Equipping families in faith

This session looks at the theology and practical benefits of better engaging and equipping families to raise disciples.

How can we help parents to do spiritual formation of their children relevantly and intentionally?

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